Everything to know about tow trucks in the Gold Coast

One of the big industries on the Gold Coast is the towing business. It naturally follows that towing companies invest in more than one type of tow truck, Gold Coast.

The specific vehicle models today demand different types of tow trucks to safely handle them during emergencies. That’s why tow trucks, Gold Coast are required to have a wide range of strength, power, and capacity for them to tow every type of vehicle.

Professional towing companies offer both heavy-duty and light-duty towing services and roadside assistance on the Gold Coast. As a customer, knowing the different types of tow trucks ensure getting the one suitable for your vehicle during emergencies.

The various types of tow trucks include:

Integrated Tow Truck

The wheel lift and the towing boom are the two technologies used by an integrated tow truck. Having two technologies integrated into one truck makes it the most versatile tow truck.

Towing and recovery are the two benefits handled by this two-in-one tow truck. It is why this tow truck is often the top choice for towing away illegally-parked cars. The embedded arms in the core of the truck and axles provide extra strength for the integrated tow truck.

Flatbed Tow Truck

The most common kind of tow truck that you probably often see on the road is the flatbed tow truck. It is also known as the “rollback” truck because its back is long and empty.

The long back is meant to secure various types of vehicles. The bed is moved downwards and upwards with help from its hydraulics. The car is securely tied after it is pulled on the bed. However, the weight limit should not be exceeded for the truck to provide a secure place for the cars.

Broken-down or extremely damaged vehicles typically use the flatbed tow truck in transporting them from one location to another. The safety factor offered by the truck is the reason for the choice.

Boom Tow Trucks

The “boom” is the term used to describe the hydraulic arm of the boom tow truck. The adjustable feature of the hydraulic arm makes it the best tow truck to recover vehicles over an embankment or from a ditch. Heavy-duty towing or recovery are readily handled by the truck with its hook and chain system. However, belt lifts and slings are the systems used for lifting cars today because of the safety factor they bring.

Hook and Chain Trucks

Aptly named, the hook and chain is the system used by the hook and chain truck to tow a vehicle. It is seen as the oldest system for towing vehicles, with using chains instead of ropes in the past. The vehicle to be towed is hooked by the chain to two other vehicles. The pressure can be too much on the towing truck, making it the less popular towing system today. There’s also a tendency for the chain to scratch the body of the towed vehicle.

Wheel Lift Trucks

Working a bit similar to the hook and chain trucks, the wheel lift truck use yokes instead to carry the car. The easy, safe, and simple method used by wheel lift trucks makes them a popular choice for towing small to medium-sized cars.

The present predicament of vehicles is offered the best solutions by the different mechanisms of tow trucks. Before actually needing an emergency tow truck, make sure that you already have the number of a reliable tow service in your phone book.