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Bull bar installation guide

Every 4wd owner knows that sometime they might run into a bit of trouble especially if the vehicle bangs into a kangaroo. The impact of the collision might cause damage to the vehicle and could also impact the safety of the people travelling in it.  A bull bar is one such equipment which can offer protection from collision and can also improve the aesthetic of the 4wd.

A bull bar acts like a defense in a front on collision also it can be used to install driving lights ventures and other such necessity which are required especially for off-roading adventures.

However before the Bull bar installation it is necessary to keep certain factors in mind so that which can offer maximum safety to your vehicle.


Tips for bull bar installation

Bull bars are available in a variety of materials and designs in the market. For any four WD owners, it is important to consider the material from which the bar has been designed. The best kind of made from steel and offer best protection against Kangaroo collisions and other such mishaps.

However one disadvantage of Steel is that it is quiet heavy and can have an impact on the suspension and the weight of the vehicle. If your vehicle is not sturdy enough for a steel bar then an Aluminium Bull bar is a good option. It is lightweight and also has less impact on the tyres and the suspension of the vehicle. You can also find plastic bull cars available in the market but they may not be able to retain their original shape even after a minor collision.

Although aluminum bull bars might seem a good option but it should be kept in mind that it is quite expensive and also needs a great deal of up keep to look good every time. The material of the bulbar that you choose is most often a personal choice. There are several four WD owners who prefer going for steel because of its added strength and affordable however if you only drive on to rural areas every now and then and are not much of an off road enthusiast an aluminum bar is a better option and plastic bull bars are a good option for drivers who only drive within the city.

There are different styles of bull bars which are made for different vehicle models. You can usually find 6 different varieties which comprise of the single hoop design, triple hoop, bumper design, nudge bars and baja bars. Out of these the most popular ones are the single hoop design and the triple hoop design. The single hoop bars are a good way of protecting the front end of the vehicle and also the radiator. On the other hand triple hoop bar has the most weight but it also offers the best protection they are well suited for roads where there is a chance of animal collision on a frequent basis.

Remember to choose from the leading range of bull bars for your 4WD to ensure quality.