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About Us

Gram Destruction have over 10 years experience in the destruction and recycling industry, and our expert staff are dedicated to assisting our valued clients.

We offer reliable pick-up and servicing.

All materials are crushed and granulated or shredded, and then utilised to manufacture other various products.

We are dedicated to recycling, and at no stage is any material disposed of as landfill.

Certificates Of Destruction are issued on completion of all work, and we welcome all clients to witness the granulation/shredding process by appointment. 

Our services are available as a once-off or ongoing service.


GRAM DESTRUCTION   ABN 67 359 393 724   Factory 4/46 Allied Drive Tullamarine Victoria 3043   Tel: (03) 9338 0074   Fax: (03) 9338 0091
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