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5 Types of Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

Whether you have a home kitchen or a restaurant, a commercial gas deep fryer can be a great asset. Not only can it help you to prepare delicious meals, but it can also help you to save time and money. It’s also easy to maintain, as long as you know what to look for.

Pitco Solstice Gas SG18 Fryer

Whether you’re looking for a gas fryer to use at your snack bar or a commercial fryer for your restaurant, the Pitco Solstice Gas SG18 Fryer is a great option. This model features a high-efficiency design, a front-mounted drain, and an extended oil recovery time. It also comes with a commercial deep fryer cleaning brush.

The SG18-S Solstice Gas Fryer is available in LP or natural gas, and has 140K BTU of heating power. It is ideal for higher volume frying needs, and comes with a thermo-safety pilot and millivolt thermostat. It is also NSF certified.

The fryer has two twin-size baskets, making it easy to cook different types of foods at the same time. It also comes with a full 18″ x 18″ fry pot.

Perfect Fry

Designed for commercial use, the Perfect Fry deep fryer is a compact, fully automated machine that is ideal for fast food restaurants, convenience stores, snack bars, and other commercial kitchens. This incredibly efficient deep fryer can produce over 90 pounds of perfectly cooked food per hour.

It has a compact footprint, allowing for easy installation. Unlike traditional fryers, Perfect Fry deep fryers do not require overhead ventilation systems or hoods. They are also odorless and sanitary. This means that there is no risk of hot oil spills on employees.

Aside from being compact and efficient, Perfect Fry deep fryers are also easy to clean. They have an exhaust system for splatter-free cooking and a grease filter that eliminates larger grease particulates.


Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a chef, or a food truck operator, you can count on FriFri for commercial-grade fryers that deliver superior performance. The company is also a leading provider of chip scuttles, griddles, and pasta boilers. These products are designed to deliver superior results while requiring minimal floor space.

The company’s products do not skimp on the powerhouse and they also offer some of the industry’s longest warranties. In fact, FriFri is so confident in their products that they back them with a minimum of 10 years of support.

In addition to their high-end offerings, FriFri also offers a selection of smaller fryers that are perfect for home kitchens. These units come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer the same sexiest-in-the-world quality. Some even come with odor filters so your food can be as tasty as it is healthy.


Designed with the commercial kitchen in mind, the Southbend SB65S boasts some hefty features. This one-piece cylinder features a slick stainless steel pot and a smooth peened finish to boot. As a bonus, it is also a CSA Blue Flame certified model and has a hefty 70 to 80 pound oil capacity. The unit also comes with a matching set of six inch adjustable legs, a matching set of twin plated wire mesh fry baskets and a drain extension. The aforementioned trifecta equates to an exemplary fryer for any kitchen, restaurant or bar.

The Southbend SB65S is also notable for its low price tag and the fact that it was made in the United States. It also makes a nice fit in any kitchen or bar, thanks to its slick design.

VEG Series Free-Standing Gas Fryer

Among the many types of commercial gas fryers available, the VEG Series from Vulcan offers a wide range of features and performance. The unit features a millivolt thermostat control, a large cold zone, and three exchanger tubes for maximum heat transfer. In addition, the unit boasts an ENERGY STAR certified rating.

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